同舟共济战疫情 戮力同心创未来 ——致所有在穗人员的一封信 新金梅全集1一5集-最新公告

Together we shall beat COVID-19

新金梅全集1一5集 Together we shall build a bright future

—A letter to everyone in Guangzhou


新金梅全集1一5集 Guangzhou, as a national center city of China, an international trade centre and transport hub, has a long history of being an open and inclusive city. Tens of thousands of people from different countries and regions, different cultures, of different colours, with different religious beliefs have settled in Guangzhou for entrepreneurship or residence, living in harmony with each other.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Guangzhou has been implementing with firm resolve the strategic decisions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, and adhering to the requirements of Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and Guangdong Provincial People’s Government. Taking the safety and health of everyone in Guangzhou as our top priority, we have tried our best to ensure effective and orderly implementation of COVID-19 prevention and control measures based on science and law. Through unremitting endeavour made by everyone in Guangzhou, the COVID-19 outbreak in the city has witnessed positive developments. During this process, we have received tremendous support from sister provinces and municipalities, companies and organizations based in Guangzhou, Consulates General in Guangzhou, municipal governments of overseas countries, civil organizations and people working on facilitating constructive bilateral relations, which has further strengthened our confidence and determination to overcome the pandemic.

At this moment, there still remain transmission risks brought by cases imported from overseas. We are faced with a major challenge - "preventing imported cases from abroad and preventing a second wave at home". To address this challenge, we all need to work together and spare no effort in preventing the further spread of COVID-19. Therefore, we would like to remind everyone in Guangzhou of the following:


新金梅全集1一5集 In order to effectively prevent and control the spread of communicable diseases, all people in Guangzhou are obliged to provide support to the implementation of disease control and prevention measures according to relevant laws and regulations in China. Anyone who violates relevant laws and regulations shall be held legally liable.


新金梅全集1一5集 3.          

Strictly follow the requirement of "early detection, early isolation, early reporting and early treatment". We need to practically implement regular administration measures including measurement of the body temperature of anyone entering into residential blocks (villages), presentation of IDs for entry and exit. People should voluntarily provide updates on their health status via Suikang Code or Yuekang Code. Suikang Blue Code or Green Code, Yuekang Green Code or other valid health certificates and diplomatic IDs should be used for entry and exit.



Guangzhou has implemented comprehensive, strict and thorough COVID-19 prevention and control measures. Everyone is subject to the same treatment regardless of their nationality, skin colour or gender. We strongly oppose any differentiated actions taken against specific groups and we have zero tolerance over discriminatory language or acts.


新金梅全集1一5集 7.          

No entity or individual shall restrict or deny specific groups of people from checking in at hotels, renting properties or entering into public places such as residential blocks, shopping malls or parks, on the basis of nationality, skin colour or gender.



新金梅全集1一5集 No entity or individual shall restrict or deny specific groups of people from using public transport such as the underground, buses, taxis or water buses on the basis of nationality, skin colour or gender; daily essential services such as health care, catering, shopping, hairdressing and the use of public toilets shall be available and accessible to everyone regardless of their nationality, skin colour or gender.



新金梅全集1一5集 Provide necessary care and support. While implementing COVID-19 prevention and control measures and delivering health administration services, we must address the reasonable concerns of everyone in Guangzhou and provide necessary safeguard measures and support to ensure their legitimate rights and interests.



All public organizations must strictly fulfill their obligations and make sure responsible persons are held accountable. Regular health administration measures for employees must be strengthened. Body temperature must be taken and health information must be registered for people going in and out of the offices. Rooms should be properly ventilated. All spaces should be properly disinfected.

新金梅全集1一5集 14.       

新金梅全集1一5集 15.       

新金梅全集1一5集 All public organizations, including civil organizations, industrial and business associations as well as social service agencies, shall make full use of their networks to mobilize and call on members to actively engage in COVID-19 prevention and control efforts.

新金梅全集1一5集 16.       

新金梅全集1一5集 17.       

All people in Guangzhou should continue to keep a mask on, cut off group activities, wash hands frequently, and pay extra attention to personal hygiene. Everyone is encouraged to use eco-friendly transport means. When using public transport, people should try to avoid conversations and keep a safe distance from others to reduce transmission risks. Under the circumstances of effective personal prevention, the risks of getting infected with the virus are relatively low during the regular interaction both in work and life.

新金梅全集1一5集 18.       


Everyone in Guangzhou can call the 12345 service hot line or the 960169 multilingual service hot line to report issues or problems related to COVID-19, or to ask for instructions and help.


We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of everyone in Guangzhou, as long as we bear in mind the same objective, we will be able to beat COVID-19 and build a better future together.

新金梅全集1一5集 Source from the General Office of Guangzhou Command Center for COVID-19 Control and Prevention



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